Global Vision offer the high quality of back knife lathe, including GV/ CL-168A/ 1240A Auto. Back Knife Lathe and GV/ CL-1248A/ 1260A Auto. Back Knife Lathe. 

Our GV/ CL-168A/ 1240A Automatic Back Knife Lathe Features:

1) Designed for the fast, efficient productions of indicate turning, the Fully Automatic Back Knife Lathe is ideally for high production of wide variety turnings.
2) Main frame is made of cast iron with heavily ribbed construction, stress relieved for stability and accuracy.
3) All machine functions are controlled from one conveniently located swiveling panel.
4) This unit automatically lubricates all slides surfaces for maximum wear resistance.
5) The work piece support collar is automatically lubricated to reduce heat and friction. This allows for smoother cutting and better support.
6) Carriage speed is automatically varied for deferent turning section.
7) Equipped with a sequence controller, this unit clearly defines each function of the machine as it is happening. If any trouble occurs, the operator is immediately instructed where the trouble is located saving a great deal of time.
8) Hydraulic hopper feed one stock to the centering device after each turning is accomplished, thus enable the machine is fully automatic operation.
9) Easily and quick adjusts for all size of stock.
10) The tail stock housing is made of FC-25 cast iron for strength and stress relieved for stability.
11) The internal bore is heat-treated to resist wear and precision ground for accuracy.
12) The tool rest is equipped with two U & V pattern knives and driven by hydraulic power which allow for a smooth cutting action and the produce of large, deep-cut turning.

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