Global Vision manufacturer the best of wood cut off saw and industrial cut off saw in Taiwan. Including gv/ cs-18l 18" cut-off saw, gv/ cs-24l 24" industrial cut-off saw, gv/ cs-20rl45 20" ± 45° wood cut-off saw, gv/ cs-18/ 24aat auto. program cut-off saw, gv/ cs-1245 45° double miter cut-off saw, double 45 degree 14" miter saw, gv/ cs-1445 14" 45° industrial double miter cut-off saw.

The GV/ CS-18L 18" Wood Cut-off Saw Features:

1) Cast iron precision ground table with a heavy metal metal cabinet stand.
2) Semi-automatic, fast cutting.
3) Easy operation for furniture, lumber door, pallet or other manufacturing.
4) All sealed long life ball bearings.
5) Flat 「L」 shaped working surface.
6) Foot or Hand controlled cutting cycle.
7) Clamp and guard automatically hold and clamp lumber within cutting period and release the lumber after cutting.
8) Saw blade rises from under the table to cut within cutting period and returns after cutting for safe operation.