Global Vision manufacturer wood grinders for sale in Taiwan. Our Wood Shreders, Crusher Features:

1) Designed for crushing various plastics, PP, PE, PVC, 475, ABS, PC, PU, acrylic, film resin, nylon, medicines, wood, feeds, tea,wood, feeds, tea, tea stems, leather, glass, flavoring, lead & copper wires, drying agents, ect.
2) Suitable for plastic waste recycle of injection molding processors.
3) Integrate many features such as compact construction, easy movement, low noise, and low likelihood of powdering after crushing.
4) A specially designed crushers offer extremely powerful crushing capacity, and save time& effort and also are wear and impact resistant.
5) The circular hollow cutter head has a special angle design for great crushing capacity. Easy feeding material, convenient knife replacement, easy screen change and clean up.
6) These crushers increase your productivity and working efficiency.

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