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Our GV/ TRS-150F Frame Saw Machine Feature:

1) Fine Surface
Extremely fine surface effect after cutting, it permits direct glue jointing for saving 0.15mm sanding tolerance.
2) Accurate Thickness Of Cut
High accuracy thickness of cut is ±0.1mm. No gapping problem on the cut surface.
Wood cutting performed by the frame saw may reduce material loss to a minimum for saving production cost.
3) Saving Cost
The frame saw machine reduces material loss to a minimum. It saves 20% wood material compare to a conventional machining method.
4) Guide Fence At Side
In case the guide fence is mounted at the side, the machine allows for cutting a single wood material.
5) Multiple Guide Fence
Upon request, the fram saw machine is available to supply with several guide fences.
Fence sizes can be specified by customer. The use of multiple guide fence enables the machine to cut several wood materials at a time.
6) Guide Fence At Center Position
Except the situation we've mentioned before, in case the guide fence is mounted at the center position, the machine allows for cutting two wood materials at a time for increasing efficiency.