Global Vision offer the best vertical line boring machine in taiwan, including GV/ BR-15/ 21VPA 15/ 21 Bits Vertical Pneumatic Line Boring M/C and GV/ BR-62 Vertical Pneumatic Boring Machine. If your are interested in our vertical line boring machin, please contacts us online.

The GV/ BR-15/ 21VPA 15/ 21 Bits Vertical Line Boring Machine Features:

1) The vertical line boring machine convenient detachable machine frame assures durability.
2) Down feed boring operations.
3) Mechanical digital read out allows for accurate and consistent depth setting without scratching on the panel surface.
4) Convenient operation is made by simply pressing on a foot switch. Easy to maintain.
5) Motor starts only when in boring stroke to extend service life, save power consumption and reduces noise.
6) Fence and stop are fast set to the desired size.
7) Quickly chucks provide confide convenient fitting and dismantling for boring bits. Standard attached with 1/3 pcs.