Global Vision manufacturer all kinds of multiple rip saw machine, including GV/ TRS-1014 14" Multiple Rip Saw and GV/ TRS-1200TB/ 1200TB-6 Multiple Rip Saw machine in Taiwan, please contact us online.

Our GV/ TRS-1014 14" Multiple Rip Saw machine Feature:

1) The variable feed speed enables the machines to meet different requirement of work.
2) V-way track and chain block surface are heat-treated for long wear resistance.
3) Automatic lubrication to V-Way track facilitates chain running smoothly.
4) The auto lubrication device is equipped with an alarm it that send signals upon a lack of lubrication oil to increase the durability of the machines.
5) Precision built saw head assures accuracy for straight line rip saw operations.
6) Multiple rip saw machine with four bearing spindle mount ensuring rigidity & long life.
7) Four pressure rollers & two hold-down plates for precise cutting of large and small work pieces.
8) The saw arbor is manufactured form NI-Cr-MO alloy steel for durability and anti fatigue, heat treated, precision ground , balanced providing precise cutting performance.
9) Adjustable guide rollers make cutting straight for slight radials material, They also secure glue joint at short pieces or long stacks.