Global Vision offer the double end tenoner for sale, you can get more information about double end tenoner machine.
Our GV/ SET-62SAT 5' Auto Double End Tenoner Faeture:

1) With the double end miter saw, you can do cut-off stock faster or consider a double end miter saw combined with moulding head, it lets you cut off stock and moulding pattern in a single feed, that saves time, space, cost.
2) Air-operated clamp comes down holding sticks firmly in place. After work piece is clamped, table start to feed, performs trimming, shaping operations.
3) With top and bottom saw, you can cut stock clearly, no burrs for a trimming purpose.
4) Moulding spindle is mounted at the rear of saw head enable the machine performs edge moulding after stock is cut off.
5) The entire cutting cycle, cut-off, shaping tenon or mortise, is automatically operated at single pass of stock feeding.
6) The table travels on a precision linear motion guide for stability.

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