GV/ SET-62SAT 5' Auto Double End Tenoner
  • With the double end miter saw, you can do cut-off stock faster or consider a double end miter saw combined with moulding head, it lets you cut off stock and moulding pattern in a single feed, that saves time, space, cost.
  • Air-operated clamp comes down holding sticks firmly in place. After work piece is clamped, table start to feed, performs trimming, shaping operations.
  • With top and bottom saw, you can cut stock clearly, no burrs for a trimming purpose.
  • Moulding spindle is mounted at the rear of saw head enable the machine performs edge moulding after stock is cut off.
  • The entire cutting cycle, cut-off, shaping tenon or mortise, is automatically operated at single pass of stock feeding.
  • The table travels on a precision linear motion guide for stability.
  • The table traverse is driven by power system, ensuring very stable, smooth work piece feeding.
  • Variable feed speed permits proper feed selection for hard or soft wood materials.
  • Big hand wheel adjust depth of cut.
  • Heavy cast iron base for durability usage.
  • All controls are grouped in a control panel.
  • Industrial full power motor for maximum cutting capacity.
  • Other Size can be special order.
Specifications GV/ SET-62SAT
Processing Length

19-2/3" ~ 72-5/6"

(500 ~ 1850 mm)

Processing Width 22-5/6" (580 mm)
Sawblade Diameter (Optional) 10" ~ 14" (Ø 1")
Tilting Degree of Sawblade and Moulding Spindle 360°
Turning Speed of Circular Sawing Blade 3000 ~ 3300 RPM / 50 ~ 60 Hz
No. of Rails 2 set
Motor of Circular Sawing Blade 2 HP x 4
Vertical Shaft Motor 3 HP x 2
Diameter of Vertical Shaft

Ø1¼" (Ø 30 mm)

(Standard Specification)

Turning Speed Vertical Shaft

6600 ~ 7200 RPM / 50 ~ 60 Hz

N. W. 2359 LBS (1070 kg)
G. W. 2800 LBS (1270 kg)

Machine Size

116" x 87" x 47"

(2950 x 2200 x 1200 mm)

Shipping Size

111" x 44" x 55"

(2820 x 1120 x 1400 mm)