Global Vision supplier the high quality of automatic wood copy lathe for sale in Taiwan, our GV/ CL-51SAP Automatic Wood Copy Lathe Feature:

1) The wood copy lathe is suitable for little quantity and multiple style production use.
2) Just put original materiel with template for duplicate productions.
3) It is not need to use profile knife for cutting, saves the special profile cutter's cost.
4) The cutter carriage's forward and backward movements are hydraulically operated with feed speed control providing a smooth motion and stable cutting performance.
5) Adopts the precision hydraulic copy unit, the work piece of most form can be duplicated.
6) Easy to operate and lower maintenance cost.
7) There are tong shaving knife to pre cuts and guide ring to support the work pieces when cutting. That will enable the cutting performance to be stable and more accurate.
8) Equip with two sets of copying device. One is copying device, which is driven by links and adopts U-cutting tools.
9) The other one is sample copy device by hydraulic system and adopts V-cutting tools.
10) Equip with materiel center set up rack and automatic lubricator to lubricator the slide ways and keeps the slide ways in the optimal lubricated condition.
11) Industrial full power motor for maximum cutting capacity.
12) Precision sealed long life bearing.
13) Heavy cast iron frames and table for durability usage.

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