Global vision supplier the best double side planer, including gv/ pl-24 24" double side planer and gv/ pl-38 38" double side planer, please contact us online.

Our GV/ PL-24 24" Double Side Planer Feature:

1) Upper & lower Straight Cutterheads for accurate and powerful two sided planning in one pass.
2) Optional Auto digital thickness control for quickly and accrue set up.
3) The work table surface was precision ground and then electro chrome plated and polished to a smooth mirror finish. 4) The durable wear resistance surface is easy to clean and maintain.
5) A heavy duty feed conveyor with metal spikes firmly holds stock securely to the work table and feeds positively giving a smooth finish for rough or final planning.
6) A stepless variable speed control for smooth adjustment of feed rate depending on the material hardness, depth of cut & width to provide the best finish surface and fast cutting performance.
7) The in feed conveyor is fitted with numerous pressure pins, so the feeding process can be firmly stabilized, it will moderately press the stock, and then accurate planning surface can be performed to prevent jumping during processing of narrow or bend material.
8) A twist torsion anti kick back device provides additional safety. It’s designed to work in conjunction with the built in conveyor stop. It safeguards mechanical parts in case of overload.