Global Vision offer the best of automatic dovetail machine for sale in Taiwan, including gv/ cm-19/ 35a auto. dovetail machines, gv/ cm-19aat fully-auto dovetail machines, gv/ cm-16/ 24at fully-auto dovetail machine . If you are interested in our dovetail machine for sale, Please contact us online.

Our GV/ CM-19/ 35A Auto. Dovetail Machine Features:

1) Cuts dovetailed tenons/ mortises simu ltaneously for accurate jointing.
2) Dovetailed width and depth are adjustable.
3) Continuous tenoning motion.
4) Dovetail machine with automatic motion cycle provides efficient, economical operation.
5) High spindle speed 20000 RPM.
6) Simple to operate, simple to maintain.
7) 3 feed speeds change suitable for cutting various wood materials.
8) Convenient efficient operation--The machine permits for two operators' operation.  Entire motion sequences are automatically operated except for clamping and unclamping of workpieces.