Global Vision manufacturer of the best machine round poles, including Dowel Cutting, Dowel Milling Machine, Pole Making Machine, Pole Sanding Machine in Taiwan.

Our GV/ RM-30AT Mutiple Round Pole Making Machine Feature:

1) The GV/ RM-30AT machine round poles is capable of producing multiple rods or two side moulding at high production rate.
2) It is built with top and bottom cutter spindle for typically cutting wood board in to round rods.
3) It can be use wider board without pre-cutting.
4) When cutters are replaced with planner cutter heads this machine can be perform double sides planning or moulding.
5) Variable speed feeding for fast and easy adjustment.
6) Industrial full power motor for maximum cutting capacity.
7) Precision sealed long life bearing.
8) Heavy cast iron frames and table for durability usage.
9) Suitable for cutting wood board into round rods.
10) Designed for high production performance.