GV/ CM-16/ 24AT Fully-auto Dovetail Machine
  • The most popular model. Unceasing improvement and design based on users' suggestion. Stable, long-lasting, with excellent processing efficiency.
  • Compared to single spindle tenoner, GV/ CM-16AT/ 24AT are multi-spindles, and finishs a circle within 15 seconds, making 8 ~ 24 pcs of tenon and mortise.
  • The spindle rotation is 7500RPM under temperature control with cooling cycle system. The speed is so high that it can process soft or loose wood material for high-quality dovetail.
  • Simple operation with only one button. In automatic model, user needs only one button to finish the procedure without any practice.
  • V-Belt transmission for less noise, low heat-conduction and easy replacement.
  • Suitable for MDF, hard or soft wood products.
  • Making max. 24" wide male and female dovetail at one automatic stroke for mass production.
  • Linear bearing guide for the smooth movement at high-speed stroke.
  • Unique design variable speed of air-hydraulic system for even cutting feed pressure to achieved fine finish.
  • Auto gearbox cooling system for 24 hour a day working capacity.
  • Pneumatic clamps and powerful industrial motor for max, cutting effects.
  • Foot pedal controls automatic clamps and cutting cycle.
  • Heavy steel frame and cast iron table for long durability of usage.
  • Easily micro adjustment for the match of the dovetail tightness.
Specifications GV/ CM-16AT GV/ CM-24AT
Main Motor 7½ HP 10HP
Blade Quantity 16 pcs 24 pcs
Cutter Speed 7500 RPM
Working Range 3/8"~1"
Max. Width of Working Piece 16¼" (412 mm) 24¼" (616 mm)
N. W. 1290 LBS (585 kg) 1654 LBS (750 kg)
G. W. 1477 LBS (670 kg) 1962 LBS (890 kg)
Machine Size

30" x 56" x 43"

(760 x 1430 x 1080 mm)

62" x 30" x 46"

(1570 x 760 x 1180)

Packing Size

34" x 62" x 53"

(870 x 1570 x 1350 mm)

69" x 34" x 53"

(1760 x 870 x 1350 mm)