GV/ PL-52 52" Double Side Planer
  • Table are equipped with five rollers to achieve greater feeding effect.
  • Motor employs Y-Δ start.
  • Feed chain is automatically lubricated.
  • Belts on bottom cutterhead are fast changed.
  • Spiral top and bottom cutterheads are available (optional).
  • Centralized lubrication system provides added convenience for elevation mechanism.
  • Table surface is hard chrome plated and precision ground for smooth feed and maximum wear-resistance.
  • Emergency stop bottoms are provided at the front and back sides of the machine.
Specifications GV/ PL-52
Max. Working Width 52"
Max. Working Thickness 8"
Min. Working Thickness 10 mm
 Min. Working Length 13-3/8"
Table Area 57" x 103"
Knife Sizes 30 x 12 x 1.5 mm
Cutterhead Diameter Ø130 mm
 Number of Spiral Knife 6T x 95 pcs x 2 sets
Cutterhead Speed  4000 ~ 5000 RPM
Feed Speed 7 ~ 16 m/ min
Top Cutterhead Motor 40 HP
Bottom Cutterhead Motor 30 HP
Feeding Motor 5 HP
Elevation 2 HP
Air Suction 6" x 4 Holes
Machine Diameter (L x W x H) 2850 x 2100 x 1820 mm
N. W. 5500 kg