Pneumatic Clamp Carrier B
  • Heavy-duty clamps with zinc-plated, corrosion-resistant, because we use 1"x 2" handrails and 7/8" screws ,that's why our machine is rigid and durability. Clamp's length is 3½,it could be 6" if you add the auxiliary tools. (optional).
  • Pneumatic Panel Flattener & Extra Hold Down Bars Clamp Very easily adjustable pneumatic panel flattener with a powerful clamping capacity. The extra hold down bars clamp is designed for stock thickness less than ¾". They prevent boards spring  during tightening (optional).
  • The pneumatic clamp tightener is a standard for all clamp carriers, has a very fast speed and an impact-style wrench-although they are a little noisy.
  • Special specifications can be designed and manufactured upon request.
  • Clamp Orking Depth: 30", 38", 44", 50", 52".
  • Working Width: 103" ~ 180".