• This model has forming and sanding functions to increase production efficiency and is more suitable for curving forming sanding, such as door plank, door frame and furniture components.
  • In this model, both the sanding belt speed and feeding speed are variable with inverter and is suitable for sanding all kinds of wood products.
  • All the mechanisms of this model are heavy-duty mechanisms with fine-tuning of up/ down/ forward/ backward and angle adjustment. The adjustment is easy, accurate and stable.
  • The model has A-type automatic feeding function, enabling the sanding wheel to continue the sanding to maintain the precision of curving sanding.
  • The A-type mechanism of this model can be changed to B-type mechanism and is equipped with sanding belt vibration function.
  • Type 80 of this model has a triangular sanding seat, equipped with vibration function and Air jet clean device. They serve to increase sand belt sanding function and extend service life. The change of sand belt is with compressed -air manual controlled change, which is easy and fast.
  • The triangular belt seat of Type 80 if this model has automatic sanding media and material retrieving functions, which can keep the work piece from being chamfered while sanding.
  • The material pressing mechanism of this model is in both dual belt and single belt material pressing type, with strong material pressing capacity. Short material can be handled as well. The height of material pressing seat is electrically adjusted.
  • The feeding mechanism of this model is guide-rail type with high stability and the delivering pad is in two types, 100 mm and 150 mm, with powerful feeding capacity. The delivering sheet is highly smooth with high quality of the finished product.
  • The material resting device is a heavy-duty mechanism with the resting board 1 meter in length and has chrome plated surface with steady material resting.
Specifications GV/ CS-2C2S
Workpiece Width 1¼" ~ 59" (30 ~ 1500 mm)
Min.  Length of the Workpiece 6" (150 mm)
Thickness of the Workpiece 1/7" ~ 4" (5 ~ 100 mm)
Sanding Belt Width 3" (75 mm)
Belt Length 96-4/9" (2450 mm)
Sanding Belt Motor 1.5 kw x 2 pcs
Engine Astsilyatsii Tape 0.025 kw x  2 pcs
Grinding Head Motor 1.5 kw x 1 pcs
Motor Compensation Grinding Head 0.025 kw x 1 pcs
Feed Speed 0.08" ~ 7/9" (2 ~ 20 mm)

161" x 46" x 67"

(4100 x 1160 x 1700 mm)

Weight 5160 LBS (2340 kg)