GV/ DC-78 ¼"~¾" Dowel Cutting Machine
  • Automatic feeding with rotary magazine.
  • Tapers dowel ends.
  • Adjustable length cutting easily.
  • Cast iron base.
  • Used conjunction with the dowel milling machine GV/ DM-77, this compact machine is perfect for producing tapered gluing or mating dowels for furniture.
  • Fast Production: It cuts and chamfers the dowels at an extremely high rate-up to 36 cuts per minute.
  • Automatic Operation:  The operator only needs to load the dowels into the rotary drum, after it: both the cutting and chamfering processes are automatically operated.The large capacity, 52 hole rotary drum reduces machine downtime to a minimum. 14mm hole diameter is standard, the larger diameters is available upon request.
  • When the change of dowel diameter is required, only the bushing need be changed. 
  • Compact, bench type construction allows this machine to be easily to move.
Specifications GV/ DC-78
Diameter of Dowel Cut ؼ"~ؾ" (Ø6~Ø18 mm)
Minimum Length of Dowel Cut 7/9" (20 mm)
Maximum Length of Dowel Cut 6" (150 mm)
Motor ½ HP
Cutting Speed 36 piece/ min
N. W. 176 LBS (80 kg)
Machine Size

22" x 20" x 23"

(560 x 500 x 580 mm)