• It performs cut off, burrs trimming, moulding functions.
  • Hand, manual operated clamping and feeding of stock.
  • First the trim saw to cut off the end of stock evenly.
  • Then two moulding, tenon spindles are mounted at the rear of saw enable machine performs edge moulding.
  • Since each head is adjusted independently, a wide variety of tenon can be cut.
  • At the end the cope spindle is provided 6000 RPM cutting allows it features a spindle shaper function.
  • All operations can be accomplished in a single pass of feeding, high efficiency is assured.
  • Powerful industrial motor for maximum cutting capacity.
  • Precision sealed long life bearing.
  • Heavy cast iron frames and table for durability usage.
Specifications SET-60
Motor for Cross Spindle 3 HP x 1 PC
Motor for Vertical Spindle 2 HP x 1 PC
Cross Spindle Speed 3000 RPM
Vertical Spindle Speed 3400 RPM
Saw Spindle Speed 3000 RPM
Table Area

44½" x 20"

(1130 x 508 mm)

Machine Size

70" x 37" x 53"

(1780 x 940 x 1350 mm)

N. W. 992 LBS (450 kg)
G. W. 1213 LBS (550 kg)