GV/ UVC-3393W U.V. Curing Machine
  • Instant drying permits immediate consecutive processing for saving considerable time.
  • Suitable for online operation. After coating, workpieces can be directly dried. The benefits are eliminating workpiece handling time, reducing workpieces storing space and increasing production efficiency.
  • After drying, the product surface hardness will increase and features extra fine finish.
  • Wide application range including plane or 30 workpiece, such as wood products, furniture and construction materials, etc.
Specifications GV/ UVC-3393W
Mercury UV Lamp CS-339 x 3 pcs
UV Lamp Intensity 80/ 120 w/cm
Conveyor Speed 30 m/min
Effective Width 23-3/5" (600 mm)
Dimensions (L x W x H)

10" x 5" x 7"

(245 x 116 x 188 mm)