GV/ RM-70 3/8" ~ 2-3/8" Pole Making Machine
  • The unit is designed solely for shaping of round poles in wood working factory.
  • The 4-stage speed feeding of square work-piece into cutting position by means of feed rollers may continuously push out shaped round poles in full automatic.
  • The cutting head has been proven flawless through experience and study of many years.
  • The unite cuts out perfectly round rod or stick, such as flag pole, rattan, acrylic molded board, carbon, bakelite, bamboo and wood.
  • A hand wheel is provided to adjust simply the feed rollers.
  • Wood fragments and dust are cleared off from the unit thoroughly in coherence with spindles revolution.
  • Cutting of each type and size of work piece will be carried out by specific cutter head and rollers for finished products.
  • Automatic feeding, one-piece cast iron base.
  • High-efficiency industrial TEFC motor for powerful cutting.
Specifications GV/ RM-70
Cutting Capacity 3/8" ~ 2-3/8" (10 ~ 60 mm)
Min. Length of Stock 11-4/5" (300 mm)
Cutterhead Drive Motor 5 HP
Feed Motor 2 HP
Cutterhead Speed 3000 RPM
Feed Speeds

19/ 30/ 42/ 53 FPM

(6/ 9/ 13/ 16 M/min)

Knives 2
N. W. 662 LBS (300 kg)
Machine Size

36" x 30" x 39"

(920 x 760 x 1000 mm)